One stop shopping for premium inline skates, wheels and bearings at prices below what others routinely call  discounts!  We sell Rollerblade, Mission, Bauer, Kuzak, Hyper, Boss and more.  We also sell ice skates, and a full line inline and ice hockey gear. Along with offering the best prices on inline sport equipment, we give away free merchandise ALL THE TIME.  Join our mailing list, bookmark this web site or miss the deals! Get Inline!

Blue Coach's

Only $5.99
Give Blood
Sweat Shirt
Only $7.00
Killer Bee

THT GP9200
Leg Pads


American Hockey T-Shirt

Largest Selection
Of Go-Peds


Go-Peds, Pocket Bikes
Mini Bikes, and Quad

We're Located At:
1351 Coleman Ave.
Santa Clara, CA 95050

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